Banana Leaf Wrapped Fish With Salad

If you are visiting India, make sure to taste the fish dishes of the country. Someone has rightly said that this country is a land of fish and rice. Here in this video also, the chef tells how to make delicious steamed fish which goes along well with salad.


Bottle Gourd And Papaya Stew:

A light and mildly sweet vegetable stew made with milk and a hint of ginger. A perfect Indian and Bengali meal starter with rice.


Macher Matha Diye Mug Dal:

Machher Matha Diye Mug Daal (Lentil with Fish Head) is a very popular Bengali recipe, which is served mainly on festive days or in any family get-together.


Paanch Mishali Torkari:

A mixed vegetables recipe hailing from West Bengal. Prepared with light spices and dried bay leaf, this juicy mixed vegetables preparation can contain your vegetables of choice and is usually mildly sweet because it almost always contains pumpkin.



This traditional food-item of countries such as China, Nepal, etc, momos are the most popular and typically the most available food-item in Gangtok as well, in fact, in the whole of Sikkim. Available in as varied sources as the local roadside stalls to the very costly restaurants.


Thukpa / Gya Thuk:

Thukpa is Tibetan-style noodles mixed in soup, and flavoured further with vegetables or minced food. It is much savoured by both tourists and locals alike and is available in all the prominent eateries of the town.

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